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Here's what we offer

  • We will develop a corporate structure for your IT business based on your goals.
  • We will find a solution for opening an RnD office.

How it works

  1. You send a Consultation Request

  2. We contact you and find out your goals

    For some countries, you get free answers during your first call.

  3. Together with the commercial proposal you get the main directions to solve your problem

  4. We sign a contract and start work

  5. Depending on the choice of services you can get

    • A well-developed scheme of doing business around the world, taking into account corporate, tax, management and contractual issues.
    • Legal support for business setup in the country of your choice.

Why us

10+ years of experience in IT

We've spent 10+ years navigating the IT landscape, so we know it inside out. We offer only solutions that have stood the test of time and experience

High level of service

Our service is like clockwork: reliable, precise, operating 24/7. We have no time for siestas and vacations — we're here to help you

Our offices are in different countries

We're not just a law firm, we're your international team. With offices in various countries, you won't have to search for a contractor in an unfamiliar country

Russian-speaking lawyers

Our lawyers speak your language. With us, communication is smooth and easy, with no cultural misunderstandings

What else can we help you with?

  • Corporate law and M&A
  • Intellectual property
  • Personal data
  • Labor law
  • Tax
  • Investment Projects
  • Private wealth management
  • Business Owner Services
  • Economic sanctions. Sanctions Compliance
  • International arbitration

Useful materials

Checklist for the investor. M&A deal terms and conditions.

PDF | 612 KB

The checklist of the most common terms and conditions in M&A deals, aimed at protecting the investor's interests, explaining how they function.


Cyprus. Starting Business

PDF | 5,96 MB

The guide contains answers to frequently asked questions about registering business in Cyprus:

- taxation of business in Cyprus

- special regime for IT companies (IP box)

- bookkeeping and auditing of cypriot companies

- register of ultimate beneficiaries in Cyprus


Cyprus. Guide to taxation

PDF | 8,2 MB

A guide to the Cypriot tax system for individuals and companies. The guide is a general guide to complying with Cypriot tax laws and undertaking tax planning.


Cyprus. Migration issues

PDF | 10,2 MB

A guide comparing the most popular reasons for staying in Cyprus, a description of the procedures and a list of required documents.


Georgia. An easy guide for business

PDF | 248 KB

The guide contains information on:

- On the conditions and grounds for obtaining a residence permit;
- The conditions for obtaining tax residency in Georgia, including the "wealthy person" procedure;
- Taxation of companies and their employees;
- Regulation of opening LLC and IE;
- On the issues of opening bank accounts.


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The information given is for reference only and does not constitute legal consultation. REVERA is not responsible for actions and decisions taken on the basis of the background information provided.

Rating of countries is subjective based on REVERA's experience and takes into account many factors, including ease of company registration, regulatory features, popularity of jurisdiction for doing IT business, etc.

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